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Fresh Codfish Loin Stew – Caldeirada de Peixe

Serves 4 Summertime calls for lighter fare. If you are tired of fried and baked fish dishes, give this flavorful stew a taste. It is my updated Portuguese fish dish with flavorful elements of flavor that excite the taste buds. No need for the salted version of codfish. Fresh codfish loin works perfectly without the […]

Salsichas- Fresh Unsmoked Sausages

Tasty fresh sausages, salsichas, as we call them need not be smoked. Very popular in dishes of clams cataplana or the infamous Franceshina sandwich of Oporto, you can make these up with just a little effort. Unless you have a walk-in refrigerator where you can hang these on a rod to air chill, it is best […]

Did You Know?

Preparing food is more than just chopping, measuring and cooking.  There are some safety rules to keep you healthy.   Using raw egg whites in uncooked desserts can be just as dangerous as using raw egg yolks.  Looking back over some old Portuguese sweets, Natas de Ceu in particular, the common use of whipped raw […]

Angel’s Chins -Papos de Anjos

Papos de Anjos, is one convent sweet according to oral history of how nuns in the convent utilized the egg yolks that remained after using the egg whites to stiffen their habits.  True or not, convent sweets became very popular with some extremely sweet.  Variations to this sweet dessert usually are pointed to the number of […]