Salsichas- Fresh Unsmoked Sausages

Tasty fresh sausages, salsichas, as we call them need not be smoked. Very popular in dishes of clams cataplana or the infamous Franceshina sandwich of Oporto, you can make these up with just a little effort. Unless you have a walk-in refrigerator where you can hang these on a rod to air chill, it is best to make them when outdoor temperature are in the 30 degree F. range and hang them in an unheated shed or protected outdoor building. I  usually place a thin wooden dowel, the width of my interior of my refrigerator. I use small S hooks to suspend the sausages leaving room of 3-4 inches spaces from each one for air circulations

Pork casings with the narrow diameter of 30-32 the same as for Italian sausages.  Your butcher should have them.

The casings will need to be rinsed and flushed with running water then soaked in salted water the day before.  Be careful not to rub the casings as you might tear them. Soak in fresh water for several hours or overnight. . Some folks add juice of lemon or orange to the water and some red vinho verde wine.   Next day, drain the water and flush them again from the open ends with fresh water.  Shake off excess water and set aside until needed.


1 pound (500 g)  ground pork

1  pound (500g) ground veal

1 pound (500g) ground bacon.

3/4   tsp grated nutmeg as needed to taste.

3/4  tsp Ground clove to taste

2 tsps.  coarse kosher or sea salt to taste

Fresh ground black or white pepper to taste

  1. Combine all the meats in a bowl, add the seasoning.  With your clean hands, mix the ingredients until they are well blended.
  2. Take  a small amount of the meat and fry in a skillet, then taste for seasoning. Adjust seasoning to the  mix according to your preference.
  3. Using kitchen string, tie one end of the casing, about 2 inches in from the end.  Fill the casings using a wide opening funnel inserted into the opposite end of the casing.  Make sure the outside of the funnel is moistened with water to facilitate easy sliding of the casing. If you have a sausage filling machine or attachment to a stand mixer that is more helpful.  Fill the casing with the mix until it is firm but not so firm it will burst as the casing shrinks from drying.
  4. After filling to within 2 inches of the opposite end, tie it up and loop to the string of the first end.
  5. These need to be air dried in a chilled environment (below 40 degrees F.) Air dry over night, for 24 hours before using.  Can be wrapped and frozen for 1-2 months.  You can use these sausages as you would use Italian sausages or perhaps, dare I say, a hot dog.



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