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Vinho or Vinha?

As you see the recipes, especially in this section, you might think I made a mistake on the titles.  One might say it should be vinha not vinho.

Writing vinho instead of vinha was intentional.  Since vinha is indicative of the vineyard and vinho the wine, giving recipes of wine and garlic marinades, for me, I prefer vinho d’alho instead of vinha d’alho.  No matter who I asked, no one could give me a reason not to.  It is like someone says toe-may-ta and someone else  says ta-ma-ta.  It is still tomato no matter how it is said. 🙂 

I would love to hear comments and reasoning on this subject of vinho d’alhos or vinha d’alhos.

We won’t even touch on vin d’alhos.  I suppose we could say vinho e alhos too!

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