Carnival Time is Here! What are you Cooking up?

Carnival is often associated with Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras in New Orleans but Carnival happens in the Island of the Azores and to a lesser extent on the Portuguese mainland. Festivities vary but always include dishes that satisfy the taste buds.

A main dish often enjoyed is the Cozido.  The Portuguese version of Boiled dinner. Often in the region of the upper northeast mainland known Tras os Montes the pig’s head would be included amongst the other meats for the boiled dinner. The desirable pig’s cheeks are a delicacy. However, for those who don’t want or can not obtain the pig’s head, it can be left out.  The recipe that follows on my website is given in more detail on page 120 of my book, Portuguese Homestyle Cooking.

Desserts are always plentiful.  Filhos, Malassadas, Cavacas, Sonhos , versions of fried doughs that are popular at home and at street fairs, satisfy the sweet tooth especially when they are still warm and freshly dusted with sugar and cinnamon. This week check my website and books for these recipes.


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