Chill Chasing Soups

I don’t know about you but when fall and winter’s crisp chill air make me quicken my pace in the kitchen, cooking up soups and stews using the last of my garden’s vegetables.  Still, even with the garden pretty much asleep, I will see what I have to make some soup.  You can too.  Soup can be made with almost anything.  Make a large pot.  It  tastes even better a day or two later.  All you need is an onion here, a potato there.  A bit of olive oil, a single piece of chicken, a lamb chop, or pork ribs and a tomato or perhaps a tablespoon of tomato paste.  Add to that a half cup of cooked legumes, some chopped carrots and of course water and some herbs like parsley or cilantro.  See what vegetables are left over in your refrigerator and what is in your pantry.  See what is just waiting to be claimed and made into a wonderful warming soup. Be inspired!

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